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Decoding Wine Ratings (Old World Reds)

From $65.00

This experience will use old world wines to help any vinophile understand and use ratings issued by individuals, periodicals, and social media. We will also explore the regional profiles of wine origin. My goal is to help everyone to better understand ratings and anticipate character for each regional vintage.

Experience Hosted by Chris

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Duo: The Winemaker’s Grapes

From $90.00

With Duo, I want to take you on a guided tour of not just a delicious wine-tasting experience, but also the art involved in the wine-making process. It’s important to not skip over the fundamentals of wine-making during a tasting, and in this experience, we dive head-first into grape skins, tannins, acidity, aging on lees, and everything else delicious about the wine-making process. And that’s just the beginning! Join me with “Duo” and learn why Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are referred to as “the winemaker’s grapes.”

Experience Hosted by Gabriela

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